And Then, The Win

Following on from my previous post (I Feel So Sad) describing how depression was doing a pretty good job of kicking my arse today, I wanted to share this:

Same day. This is me and my fabulous daughter (bonus points for spying my butt obsessed dog). I had just returned from 5.6 miles. I could have done more but needed to get back. I had promised her that we would go out for a run together in our matching crazy leggings when I got home.
And that is exactly what we did.

That’s a win. 

I know it’ll wear off. I know that I’m probably jinxing it by having the audacity to be proud, but, here we are. We got quite a lot of looks when we were out together. I think we even made some people smile. Hope so.

I smiled and even laughed, now that’s a win. For one day at least.

1 thought on “And Then, The Win

  1. Good for you. Its defo a win. Lovely doggy. X


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