5 thoughts on “Done.

  1. Feeling you pain. I have a trapped nerve in my neck. The painkillers i am taking stop my antidepressants working, i am sad, angry, feeling worthless and in pain. Wish this pain would go so that i can get back to normal! Then i can at least run. Oh yes and its half term here, I am a childminder, it is taking everything i have to get up and show an interest ! Really struggling! Have you tired running? Or getting out fir a walk in the fresh air? Hope yo can ride out the storm 😕

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    1. Apologies for typos, clearly my brain is working faster than my fingers!

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  2. Sounds like you have it tough at the moment. Are there other strategies you have to help with the low mood stuff?
    I’ll be walking the dog and giggling to a podcast later.


    1. Hey, hope you are doing ok. Im ok, struggling a bit, but hoping to run tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll drag me out of the black hole I’m in. I don’t really have any coping strategies, except to run. But I do work with young children, and they tend to do or say something totally daft to cheer me up. I usually don’t tell anyone how I feel, but seeing your blog, I guess is another avenue to help heal myself. Just writing it down is actually very therapeutic. How are you doing? Do you have any other coping strategies?

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      1. I’m lucky enough to have done a year of DBT which is a therapy all about developing coping skills. Writing is extremely therapeutic I agree. I use an app called Breathe for guided meditation which is good and I try very hard to be kind to myself, which is totally unnatural but can really help x


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