The Run That Had It All

It had miles! 14.1

It was pongarific! Those vile pink flower weed things; the sewage treatment works; the countryside smell (animal urine and faeces).

There were sights! Sheep, cows, some nice houses ‘n’ fields ‘n’ that.

There were sounds! Cars splashing past me, trains, music (until my phone battery died).

There were tastes! SUGAR! SUGAR! And banana, actually.

And COME ON! What about that weather – eh? Eh? We started with some boiling sunshine, chucked in a bit of nice breeze and then 3 (yes, not one, not two, but three!) torrential thundering downpours.

Ummm there was actually a quick call to the husband to drive me to a shop to buy some water when I ran out. We don’t need to spend any time on that. Look away now please. There, it’s gone. Read on.

So yeah, had it all and a few lessons thrown in for good measure.

1. Half bananas are a good on the run snack.

2. 1 litre of drink is not enough for 14 miles

3. My nice purple Adidas capris are better suited to shorter runs. All the sweating makes it look like I’ve wee’d myself. I styled it out. I’m hardcore.

4. Sheep are utterly crap at answering questions.

5. Sugar is a magical substance. I love it.

6. When you’ve run out of water and there is a torrential downpour it does help you feel better but you can’t drink it – even it’s raining really hard and you have puddles in your shoes.

7. Pouring rain totally sorts out sweat masquerading as wee.

8. Taking money is only useful if there are shops. Know where the shops are.

9. My new Brooks Adrenaline GTS18 (wide fit – more to love baby!) are fab.

10. I am a bad ass who had loads of excuses and opportunities to quit but I dug deep and, with a few little pauses, I did my longest ever run.

That’ll do. That’ll do…for now

What a run! No shops though, almost had it all. I’m happy with that.

1 thought on “The Run That Had It All

  1. Go you!!!! Totally awesome!

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