Day 2: December 2018

Yesterday was the 2nd day of my running challenge.

On Tuesday (18/12) I ran 6.8k with the dog and decided that I’d attempt a run streak ending on the 2nd of January 2019.

Yesterday was Wednesday (19/12) and I set myself the goal of running for one mile continuously. Should have been easy – I ran a marathon a couple of months ago! It wasn’t! Still, my new trainers had arrived which was an extra motivator.

Today, Thursday (20/12) I feel absolutely shattered so it might just be 1K later. I’m not sure. Maybe I could push to a mile. We’ll see….

And maybe I’ll show you my new sexy trainers tomorrow – oooooooh teaser!

The Run Streak …so far

Day 1: Tuesday 18/12 6.8k dog jog. Lots of walk breaks

Day 2: Wednesday 19/12 1 mile without stopping. Bloody hard!

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