Check in

It’s all been very up and down, with too much down.

Moving house just before Christmas put a lot of pressure on. The day we got the keys I completely dissolved with stress, crying, freaking out. It was horrible. On Christmas Day I was dissociated and tired.

Hot on the heels of Christmas was Reflexology. All my studying and practise had been neglected whilst dealing with the move and Christmas. By then I was so behind with assessments looming. I had to spend all my energy on Reflexology, which left very little for anything else.

The whole time the London Marathon and my NSPCC fundraising has been looming in the background whispering don’t forget about me

And the tiredness. The constant tiredness.

And the weight gain. The weight gain making my body feel like a enemy.

Life goes on and the stuff kept coming. I found out that my therapy was coming to an end.

It was all too much. I had been saying for months it’s too much…I can’t… I realised that I really did need to PAUSE. Reflexology assessments were cancelled via apologetic emails – that did nothing for my self-esteem.

I wondered if reducing my quetiapine might help so I started splitting my pill, but that was a mistake. My mood swings returned with an unfamiliar vengeance – funny how easily we forget!

And did I mention the tiredness? I did?

And that’s you up to date. I hope that I can post something more positive or useful in the future. There’s good stuff planned.

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