My Body is (Windy) Temple

Currently sat on my windy arse dreaming of doing all these awesome life affirming challenges, of having a good diet, and generally being my best self (well, that’s puke inducing).

Trouble is that such things take effort and planning and I just cba with all that stuff. I put some nuts ‘n’ seeds ‘n’ stuff in a bowl and then tipped it into my mouth. Healthy innit? (Not at that portion size dear!). I’m not sure I can make that claim about the two Krispy Kreme doughnuts or two slices of cake (homemade – with lemon!!! Fruit!!!) or spoon(s) of peanut butter.


My eyes are burning. My body feels hungover to hell – for the record it isn’t – hungover that is.

I JUST WANNA DO STUFF! But I can’t. Things being what they are at the minute it’s still difficult to plan days or have any sense of control. The funeral was yesterday.

How early is it acceptable to go to bed? I’ll try again tomorrow. Or the other tomorrow. Or the one after that.

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