New Project

I’m fed up being the whimpering ol’ soul in various groups. I want to vent and express and not give a flying fuck about community guidelines or how my opinion may be perceived. Pure ego. Ugly, vulnerable and honest.

Look, with my mental health difficulties I find interaction a bit challenging. One of my things is that I overly worry about how I come across, I really really care about how my words affect others. Yet, I just want to talk and talk and talk!

I’ve always been an ideas person, so here it is:

Project MarathonKate

PMK is going to be a Facebook page where I can post all of my running related stuff, no matter how dull or narcissistic. Anyone who reads it has chosen to be there. Read it, don’t read it. Whatever. Regardless though, be kind, because that is a fundamental for me. Be kind. The page is for me – and for anyone else who relates.

Fuck knows if anyone will read it. Perhaps it will literally only be for me and I am fine with that.

Prepare for the over share x

And be kind

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