I’m Into It

I’ve just had a shower and it feels AMAZING. It’s Friday afternoon. I last showered on Tuesday morning. If you want a simple way to help yourself feel incredible then don’t shower for a few days and wow! You’ll be like a new person.

As part of RED January for Mind I was debating if showering could count as an activity, and I decided that, for me, it could. Legit. It was a moot point though as yesterday, on RED#9, I didn’t make it under the H2O. I didn’t do any other activities either. I couldn’t. Sadly I was busily trapped in some concrete trousers which I could not find my way out of. It wasn’t a great look, even if they were invisible trousers.

The day before, let’s call it RED#8 because that’s what it is – good system that, I had gone to my Body Balance class. There I was trying to do my plank to crocodile to up dog sequence and I couldn’t. I was weaker than usual. Baby cobra then. My extraordinarily awful balance was even worse than usual. Just standing on one foot was a test that left me scarily close to a face splat. Dancers pose? No thanks. I just stood there, both feet on the floor. It didn’t really bother me though. I knew it was because I was exhausted. I know that when I’m exhausted the best thing to do is to NOT push it.

Do you know how long it takes to convince a brain that not pushing it, especially in a poncy gym setting, is acceptable? No. Me neither but it’s like trying to write with your wrong hand. It just doesn’t feel right. Anyway that was RED#8, or the day formerly known as Wednesday. It wasn’t all that surprising when I woke up on Thursday, sorry, RED#9, to find I was wearing concrete trousers and some strange heavy woollen helmet. Sigh. I did want to have a shower, I just couldn’t. Not if I wanted to do anything else that day and seeing as how I was awake solely to deposit a youngster at school, I definitely was going to have to do that. Showering was out but I’ll say this, you can do a really quite good job with baby wipes and a soapy flannel you know.

Now, with what you’ve read this far (thanks btw – you’re the best!), are you thinking yes! This is someone marathon training! This lady is going to be sooooo prepped for London?! If you are then I’m worried for you frankly because this is not how a marathon runner should be. Training for a marathon is exhausting and it can really take it out of a person. All normal. It’s supposed to be hard. That’s why you feel, justifiably, like a frickin’ legend when you collect your medal. However, it is not normal to be so fatigued that you cannot do your normal stuff regularly, and my normal stuff is very limited as it is.

With this in mind, I was fairly down on Wednesday night. How? Just HOW?! Could I train for a marathon? Surely I just couldn’t. Probably I shouldn’t. What was I doing? I was either a fool or selfish or lazy or perhaps some combination of the 3. If you could hear inside my head you’d think my middle name is Idiot the amount of times my internal voice shouts or sighs or tuts “Kate, idiot!”. However, I am also so gloriously stubborn. Karma is a bitch and my daughter has inherited this characteristic but, from my own experience, I know it’ll serve her well, even if it means I have to undertake psychological warfare to get her to do stuff sometimes. Anyway, stubborn? Yes. All the way. Sometimes people are nice and call it resilience but inside I’m thinking ‘I’m about as resilient as a sheet of toilet paper mate’. I am stubborn. Actually, thinking about it, that ties in nicely with my joining of the Lonely Goat running club this week. I digress. Always. London Marathon, right you are. So, the ‘how the mcnugget am I going to run complete the London Marathon?’ question can be answered: “with stubbornness”. Oh, and help.

Yes, I have help. Aha! As part of #TeamNSPCC I get a training plan via the lovely people at Full Potential. Aha! I emailed Ben at FP on RED#8 to update him and we agreed to speak on RED#9. I dreaded making the call because I absolutely loathe having to admit to my limits. It’s frankly humiliating when those limits are so narrow. I thought he might sigh that maybe this wasn’t the right challenge for me, that I should be realistic… but he DIDN’T! No, instead he encouraged me. We spoke about what I CAN do and where that all fits into the bigger picture of a marathon training plan. I felt reassured. Clearly this was a person who knew what he was talking about and he was so damn positive. It was fantastic. He explained that as I can’t do a long run and a threshold in the same week that the long run was key. Perhaps we’d look at doing a threshold once every 4 weeks. Cool. We spoke about distance and both agreed that there was no point in getting too close to running the marathon distance in training. The recovery that such a run would require would knock me out for too long. It just isn’t worth it. This gave me a sense of relief. When I trained for the Yorkshire Marathon (because yes I have done this before) I got up to 22 miles in training and had no idea how I could possibly achieve similar in my current state. Answer: I won’t.

It’s only 16 weeks until the big day and I thought about that. 16 weeks is not a huge amount of time to commit to try and do something fantastically insane so you know what? I’m in! I’m in one of the biggest races of the world and I’m attempting it with CFS/ME (probably, we’re getting near diagnosis). Yes it is madness and, as I said to Ben FP, “I’m just going to embrace the madness”. After all, that’s me innit? Mad mum runs!


I have a Facebook page about this marathon malarkey. I update it way more than here. If you’re interested then you’ll be, like, the 3rd person or something to like it, but do. It’s nice to share and share alike.



Or you could buy me an expensive coffee and chuck a fiver into my NSPCC fundraising:


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