**still a work in progress**

I call my blog Mad Mum Runs because yes, I am a Mum; yes, I run; and yes, I have some mental health conditions. When I started it I didn’t think much about it but I’ve started to think about it more since receiving my race number for the White Rose Treble. I had ‘Mad Mum Kate’ put on the number. Obviously it’s a been a while between entering the race and receiving the number. When I saw my Mad Mum Kate number it did make me think.

My first thought was “I wonder if people will find that offensive?” Like I think having mental health problems is a joke? Well, I don’t. How could I? I know how much mental illness can take from a person. No, perhaps I am making light of something very serious but only to start conversation. Important conversations. Generally society is beginning to open up to the idea of mental health – both wellness and illness. That can only be a good thing.

**yet to be completed**

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